Back in the day (oh, about 13 or 14 years ago now), two young women each attended a life-altering undergraduate-level course: Children's Literature. While both young women already enjoyed children's literature, that Children's Literature course under the tutelage of one Mr. Ethan Pettit at Covenant College forever altered the way the two young women Read all of literature--particularly children's literature. Those two young women are, of course, Megan and Betsy!

We have continued our study of children's literature (we both earned MA's in Children's Literature from Hollins University; Megan has earned an Information Science degree, and Betsy is in hot pursuit of hers--but both of us have included large emphases on children's literature within our library degrees). We are currently homemakers and each have three young children (ranging in ages from 7 months to 6 years) at home. We are also both married to talented, handsome engineers!

Literaritea arises out of our continual discussion of children's literature begun back in Mr. Pettit's class all those years ago. We happen to both thoroughly enjoy a good cup of tea, too, hence our inclusion of random tea-related information.

We are finally going to frame our discussion of books on Literaritea in the terms which the two of us use behind the scenes, namely Truth and Story.

We also hope to offer resources and tips in the area of Reading.

If you are into social media, you might check out our Pinterest boards--all about books and broken down into various categories. These are a bit different from our "official" booklists and are designed to be very kid-friendly. Have your child pick out a book from its interesting cover!

Betsy is also on goodreads; nearly every book she and her kids read gets listed on there, so feel free to follow or "friend" her if you use that service and want all the nitty, gritty.

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