Book Lists!

We could while away an afternoon day week ... oh, you get the picture... making up book lists. We love book lists! They are always a work in progress because we are always reading and refining, so we hope to continue to add to the ones below. Check back frequently!

Some notes before you explore:
  1. One of us (or both) has read each and every book on these lists. We think they are worth reading. If a book you love is not on our list, it doesn't meant we don't "like" it--it could very well mean we haven't read it yet! Feel free to send in suggestions, but no promises ☺.
  2. There is lots of overlap.
  3. Age/grade ranges reflect general interest levels/maturity/reading "level"/etc. Feel free to read up or down; you know your child/self, and can adapt accordingly. 
  4. Remember that you can read aloud from a book from an "older" category to a younger child, but use discretion as well (some content in older categories might be more mature than you would prefer your 4-year-old hearing).
  5. There is no one perfect book list; no list of "books-you-must-read-to-be-well-educated-or-the-best-Christian-or...." 
  6. Let kids read what they're interested in as much as you can. Motivation is a powerful factor in the love of reading.
  7. Books are linked to reviews on this site, if available.
For different sorts of book lists, see our Pinterest boards.

Megan's Top 100 (or, rather, 70)
Preschool Favorites
Beginning Reader Favorites
Kindergarten (4-6 Year Olds)
1st-2nd Grade (6-8 Year Olds)
2nd-3rd Grade (7-9 Year Olds)
3rd-4th Grade (8-10 Year Olds)
4th-5th Grade (9-11 Year Olds)
5th-6th Grade (10-12 Year Olds)
Middle Grades
Young Adult

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