Teacup Travels

Once upon a time, there was a teacup.

It mysteriously appeared in Betsy's attic, and because she knew not whence it came (and already had plenty of teacups), she decided to send it out into the world to seek its own.

One day, Megan received a package in the mail. It was a box containing the teacup, three teabags, and a card which read:

"Enjoy taking some time for tea, my friend. :-) Then pass it on!
Love you!

And Megan did enjoy her tea. She sipped tea while reading her Bible and writing in her gratitude journal. She drank tea while reading to her three little sons. And the best part of the gift was that she could give it away! So one day, when Katy came to visit, Megan gave the teacup (with three fresh teabags and the same sweet note) to her.

(to be continued...if you've received the teacup, share a comment and we'll add to the story!)

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