Monday, May 12, 2008

"Mighty" Good Tea at a Chain Bakery?!

I put my tea snobbery to rest last weekend. Or, rather, I refueled it by finding a genuinely good black tea at the Corner Bakery last weekend (in Chicago). I stopped by on a Saturday morning with some friends; we were all in town for another friend's wedding. They all wanted coffee and were convinced that the Corner Bakery would provide both coffee and vittles. I kept my mouth shut, planning to either drink the expected inferior tea in silence or abstain from caffeine all together.

The Corner Bakery carries Mighty Leaf Tea instead of the usual Republic of Tea or Tazo that is generally offered in similar establishments, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. It was great! I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful tea, and the tea bag was cool to boot. This had genuine black tea flavor--clean with no off flavors (no dusty or musty overtones). It tasted fresh and was the perfect strength.

I've done a little research and since discovered that this tea is a touch more expensive than something like Twinings or Celestial Seasonings, but you can indeed find it in some grocery stores (I saw it in Whole Foods) and online. It's worth a try for a good, bagged tea.

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