Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Perfect Cuppa: Tetley British Blend

Now, we tea drinkers all know that certain teas are best at different times of day. Currently, my perfect cuppa in the morning is none other than Tetley British Blend. I was on a PG Tips kick there for a while but had to cut back in the ol' budget realm. I tried Tetley British Blend: perfect.

It's robust and gets too strong almost immediately--you have to keep an eye on it. One tea bag will make a nice, strong, large mugful (only a bone china one, right?) or even a small, 4-cup potful. It begs for milk, which adds to the morning charm. Mmmmm... I'm becoming quite addicted. I'm even gravitating to it in the afternoons as well. (Shows partly how tired I am these days, but also that it's just one of the most comforting, soothing black teas ever.) It's hard to describe, but in comparison to other quality black teas, especially some loose leaf teas we have, Tetley British Blend is more full-bodied; the others taste "thin" without tasting weak.... does that make sense?

Anyway, if you're looking for a nice, strong cup of tea in the morning, give Tetley British Blend a try!

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