Monday, December 5, 2011

Museum ABC

Museum ABC
Metropolitan Museum of Art

"Which one do you like?" is the inevitable question as we turn the pages for each letter. A is for Apple of course, and on the opposite page are details of four paintings in a variety of artistic styles with depictions of apples. B is for Boat, C is for Cat, and so on, a wonderful introduction to art and its appreciation from ancient to modern (honestly, I haven't checked to see how recent, but quite a range is represented), art from all over the globe. Every time we share this book I want to go to an art museum for our own treasure hunt to find Dancing, Eggs, Feet, Games, Hair, Insects, Jewelry, and Kisses (our favorite). Highly recommended for all ages.

Museum 123 and Museum Shapes are also available, and I believe they will go on our Christmas lists this year!

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  1. These sound GREAT. They might go on OUR Christmas lists this year (although we already have a nice arrangement of books represented... which begs the eternal question: CAN you have too many books? :-) )


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