Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim's Progress (+ free download)

The Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim's Progress
Oliver Hunkin, John Bunyan, and Alan Parry (illustrator)

The Pigrim's Progress is one of those stories that is part of our cultural background--even if you are not a Christian. Granted, Christians place much more emphasis on this story because it is such a good allegory of our Christian journey/faith. Regardless of your perspective, the old, original form of the story can be a challenging read since it is roughly 350 years old.

Enter: The Dangerous Journey. A fully illustrated, abridged version of The Pilgrim's Progress, The Dangerous Journey is approachable for kids but is also a terrific refresher or introduction for adults as well. The story is abridged, but it still is told using the original language.

Want to go through The Dangerous Journey with your family? Check out Redeemed Reader's Children's Guide, available as a free download this week!!

Note for concerned parents: Redeemed Reader recommends this guide for ages 9 and up. I have read The Dangerous Journey with my children (ages 5, 5, and 6), but there are some meaty concepts in this story AND there are some fairly intense images which may frighten young/sensitive children--particularly if they haven't been exposed to much fantasy. I will no doubt revisit it in a few years using the study guide and do more discussion with them; this summer, our church is doing a Dangerous Journey themed program on Wednesday nights, so we've been following along in the book at home.

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