Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fun Friday: Write (and read) some poetry!

Need something to jazz up your writing life? Are you a closet poet? Does one of your children have a poetic bent?

National Poetry Month is the month of April and, to get ready, the NYPL (New York Public Library) is launching a poetry contest on TWITTER! So, think short and sweet. For details, see The Digital Shift's write up.

You might consider writing about your faith (and the Bible--it's literary!) and take the Twitter world by storm!

If you or your children need some inspiration, check out one of the following poetry anthologies at your local library (my apologies for the lack of cover images for these):

Sunflakes compiled by Lillian Moore (great for younger children through early elementary)

Any of Shel Silverstein's various children's collections (school age children especially)

My America compiled by Lee Bennet Hopkins (great for elementary school children and a little educational!)

Bury me in the Library by J. Patrick Lewis (charming poetry for childlike bibliophiles--perfect inspiration for the Twitter contest mentioned above!)

The Random House Book of Poetry for Children illustrated by Arnold Lobel

Sing a Song of Popcorn compiled by Beatrice Shenk de Regniers

You can also just head to the Juvenile 811 Dewey section of your local library and browse!!


  1. needed some inspiration ...also are you all giving away another book anytime soon?

    1. Well, *we* aren't giving away any books, but we DO have some other, exciting plans afoot... and those might involve a giveaway elsewhere. Stay tuned!


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