Tuesday, July 2, 2013

LiterariTea in the Days to Come

We've not posted much AT. ALL. here on LiterariTea since we began with Redeemed Reader, but that doesn't mean we haven't been reading and discussing behind the scenes.* This coming school year, we'll be back in action here on LiterariTea! As mentioned earlier, Megan and I both view Redeemed Reader as more of a professional commitment and LiterariTea as more of a hobby. If you've not checked out Redeemed Reader, we encourage you to do so--the site is far bigger in scope than this little blog, and we're enjoying partnering with Janie and Emily over there immensely. That being said, our hobby is reading kids' books and telling the world about our favorites, and sometimes we just want to throw out a quick review that's more casual than some of our material on RR.

So, what's our plan for LiterariTea? Since I (Betsy) had the privilege of reading 300 wonderful picture books this summer for my LAST graduate school course (for now :-) ), I plan to post those reviews throughout this coming school year. I'll continue posting other random reviews for chapter books and middle grades novels, but there will be mostly picture books--old and new. For our class, we're required to list curriculum connections, so if you're a teacher (at home or at a traditional school), then stop by. We'll be extra education-friendly this year.

I'll revamp our categories a touch and perhaps even the overall layout if it needs it to be more search- and user-friendly. And perhaps we'll finally post our "revised" book lists--which we revised almost a year ago and may need to revise again! In the meantime, I have a few early chapter book reviews for this summer for all those newly independent readers out there. Don't want them stagnating between now and the start of the school year.

*Finally, on a personal note, for whomever might be reading this, I wanted to comment on how much this little blog has meant to Megan and me and our relationship with each other. We have so much enjoyed discussing books together (which we do a LOT by phone--we're so old school), and we hope those who've followed LiterariTea along have enjoyed the outworkings of those conversations as much as we have! These discussions happen in the midst of our mothering (6 kids between the two of us so far), our home-making, our various other commitments (like grad school), and all the other events the Lord chooses to throw our way.

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