Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Karma Wilson again

I heartily concur with Betsy on the recommendation of Karma Wilson...yet perhaps for the first time on our blog, I differ on which of her books our family has loved.

Bear Snores On is truly delightful. I remember H getting teary-eyed when we expressively read how Bear was heartbroken over the party he had almost missed. Personally, I wasn't as impressed with the later stories about Bear and his friends, but this just shows that two hearty readers can disagree. I also really like Mortimer's Christmas (which apparently Betsy didn't), though I haven't read others about Mortimer yet. I do agree that Frog in a Bog is a gem, but Little Pip was not. I also liked Give Thanks to the Lord, an application of one of the Psalms to celebrating Thanksgiving Day with family. These are definitely worth finding at your library, and we have added several of our favorites to our family library.

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  1. I love it, Megan! We so rarely disagree. And, can this be called a disagreement since we still like the same author? :-) Actually, we only read one Mortimer book (the garden one, I think) and we were so involved in Bear's feelings at that point that it was hard to segue to another character. Maybe we'll give Mortimer another try. I need to check out her other Psalms books, too. I don't think our library has them all, though. Bummer.


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