Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Karma Wilson's Bear Books

These are absolutely charming books for toddlers and preschoolers. My children love them. The text is sweet and gentle with a good read aloud rhythm. Topics addressed include fear, sickness, new friends, hibernation--all in the context of loyal friendship. The illustrations match the text nicely. If you're in need of a good toddler/preschool gift, try one of these. At the very least, check one out from your local library. Our first introduction was the book pictured: Bear Feels Scared. We've since read Bear Snores On, Bear Feels Sick, Bear Wants More, and Bear's New Friend. We like them all!

We've also tried some of Wilson's other books--we're not quite as crazy about her Mortimer or Pip books, but they're sweet reads. She's also written a cute story called The Frog in the Bog as well as several delightful interpretations of some Psalms. We've read Give Thanks to the Lord.

So, hurry to your library and get to know Karma Wilson's books! Jane Chapman is the illustrator for her bear books; Wilson's other books have varying illustrators. Remember, the more you check out books from your local library, the more likely they are to stay on the shelves. Librarians will be much less likely to cull frequent check outs the next time they must weed books out. :-)

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