Saturday, February 18, 2012

How Do I Get That Book??

We review lots of books on this little blog, and we often encourage you to check them out from your local library. Here are some ways to access our book lists and find the books easily in the "real world."

First of all, we are updating Literaritea's online presence:
  • Listography lists--you can select text and print (or pull up the site on a mobile device inside your local library!). Access our listography site from the side bar.
  • Pinterest boards--ultimately, these will correspond with the listography lists; think of them as a "pictorial representation." Access our Pinterest site from the side bar.
  • Index--the old-fashioned way to find a book! (Ours are in the pages in the navigation bars)
OR, you can get a little tech-savvy. Nearly all of our Pinterest "pins" are linked to goodreads, a handy site where you can see folks' reviews of the very book we pinned.

AND, under each book synopsis, goodreads has a few little buttons: "Barnes and Noble," "online stores," and "Worldcat."

You may not realize what a gem this "Worldcat" button is. When you click that button, it will ask for your zip code. Please, by all means, put in your own... and watch the magic.

If your local library has an online catalog, chances are good that they are linked to Worldcat. Worldcat will tell you the format, the mileage from your house, etc. (Below are the first three results--condensed--from the Birmingham zip code I put in the box above.)

Worldcat is a world catalog and it will search all the libraries near you for the book in question (even university libraries). If you really want to check out a book, this is a nice option to know about. You can access it from home or, if you have a smart phone or other mobile device that can access the internet, you can access our lists and search your library's catalog from the library itself.

Finally, you can probably access your own library's website from home. You can probably also put books on "hold" for whatever branch you visit regularly--even if the book is located across town. I do this all the time! I hate having to browse/search for a particular book with three young kids in tow. If you don't know how to use your library's website, ask a friendly librarian next time you're in. 

Happy library hunting!

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