Thursday, February 2, 2012

Save Barnes and Noble!

I'll confess: I buy nearly ALL my books through amazon... all that is, except for the rare book I buy from Barnes and Noble for my Nook. But after reading this article about the importance of such brick-and-mortar bookstores as Barnes and Noble, I'm tempted to make a change. The problem? I like amazon's selection better--no single building could house that many books to browse through. But the fate of books/publishing/brick-and-mortar bookstores seems awfully closely tied to the fate of libraries! Something to ponder....

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  1. I have been leaning toward only using Amazon when absolutely necessary for a long time. This week I resolved to spend some time transferring my wish lists from Amazon to B&N, that way when I want to order a book I can see if it is actually available in the store for me to pick up and go that route.


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