Monday, June 16, 2008

Thursday Next in Audio Format

The Well of Lost Plots is part of a series of witty, tongue-in-cheek novels featuring Special Operative Thursday Next. Jasper Fforde is the author/creator of this heroine and her friends/enemies. These books are bibliowit--you must be well-read to appreciate and enjoy the little quips and references to various literary situations and characters (for instance, Falstaff and Tiggywinkle are paired up at one point...). Hearing them read aloud is an added bonus for two reasons: first, the narrators I've heard for these books have all been British and therefore make the setting (London) much more believable. Second, the names in these books are often references to well known phrases and/or characters and/or books. For example: Braxton Hicks, Millon de Floss, etc. It is easy to miss some of the humor when reading these names silently. Hearing them pronounced makes the correct pronunciation (and reference) much clearer. If you're looking for some amusing road trip audio entertainment and you consider yourself a bibliophile, you might want to check these out. Be warned, though, that there is at least one character with a crude name.

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