Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Pays to Read!!!

I'm just tickled pink over here folks. Look at my new toy!

Now, I must confess I've been dragging my feet over the whole e-reader idea: is it good? bad? indifferent? And who wants to plunk down hard earned cash just to see?

Well, as usual this summer, I entered our local library's adult reading challenge (I always enter my kids because they get cool coupons and puppets). And this year, I won the drawing! I'll be picking up my nook (the e-ink version which is great for... reading!) Friday morning at 10 at our downtown branch. They're going to take my picture and everything. So, now you're reading the blog of a minor celebrity. (That's all it takes around here to become a minor celebrity :-) ).

Stay tuned for e-reader opinions which hopefully will be forthcoming.

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