Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse
Jerry Pinkney
Caldecott Medal

How can you not pick up this book when you see that cover??? I remember first reading this book the month it came out in a bookstore with my kids while we were waiting on something. We just marveled at it. As I've mentioned before, I think Pinkney's illustrations are amazing. When it won the Caldecott, I was delighted--obviously others are recognizing its greatness, too!

In this retelling of the classic fable, the lion and the mouse are both expertly portrayed. The tenderness, the arrested motion , the way the illustrations carry the narrative from page to page--very few words are needed, and, thankfully, Pinkney doesn't use many words. This is a must see and must read. It's a book to savor and pour over.

Recommended for all! Especially the preschool-early elementary crowd.

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