Friday, August 19, 2011

School is Beginning...

My daughter just started kindergarten! (and is loving it) She's in a 3 day/2 day co-op where she goes to school 3 mornings a week and is homeschooled 2 mornings a week.

And I'm starting my fall semester Monday. I'll be taking 2 classes this fall and one, in particular, looks work heavy.

I've enjoyed writing a plethora of reviews this summer (I took a class in Young Adult resources, so I was reading YA books all the time!), but I must warn you few faithfuls that my reviews will grow scarcer :-).

On the plus side: this coming spring, I'm hoping to take Resources for Children, so expect the picture book reviews to pick up!

Megan should be having a baby any day now, and then she can start to pitch in.... ha ha ha... as well all know, having that baby is only the start of more work! But they're such little blessings, we can hardly begrudge them the time they demand. This will be her third blessing, so she's catching up to me. :-)

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