Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes

I've reviewed Kenneth Taylor's terrific Bible memory books already; now, let's look at his The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes. Again, he has a real gift for communicating on a very young child's level. This story Bible has been around awhile. The volume pictured on the left is the one my husband and I each grew up reading (and the one we now have to read to our children). The one on the right has updated illustrations.

This story Bible has quite a few Bible stories in it; it doesn't skip over the gruesome stories or gloss over events such as the sacrifice of Isaac or the Passover. Instead, Taylor communicates the essence of the story in a way young children can understand. After each short story (about 2 paragraphs), there are some simple comprehension questions for children about the story.

It's worth pointing out that this Bible does have pictures of Jesus (obviously--the front of the newest version shows Christ). If that is not troublesome for you, then I highly recommend checking this one out!


  1. That isn't a picture of Jesus on the older version of the book, it's a picture of Moses.

    Shouldn't need an atheist from Google to point that out!

  2. We had a comment about my mistake regarding the picture(s) of Jesus on the two covers pictured here (corrected now). I must have been thinking of a different story Bible when I said that the covers both pictured Christ. Obviously (as our commenter pointed out), the earlier one is depicting Moses! So sorry for the mistake--sometimes I juggle several covers and posts at once. Thanks for the tip to correct that oversight.

    On another note, a friend pointed out that some of the stories in this story Bible can sound legalistic without a parent's thoughtful discussion. I believe that is true, but I also believe this Bible is geared for the very young--sometimes it's hard to communicate everything about a story in a paragraph. Still, it's worth pointing out that Samson lost his strength because he disobeyed by cutting his hair, not simply that he lost his strength by cutting his hair (if that were true, we'd all be weaklings when we went to the beauty parlor!). As always, read with discernment! (especially our fallible posts :-) )


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