Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dandelion Fire

Dandelion Fire
N. D. Wilson

In book two of the 100 Cupboards Trilogy, we are plunged into a whole new experience. Henry, KS, forms a distant memory as Henry, Henrietta, and the rest of their family embark on otherworldly adventures. I'll just say that only one of these persons actually seeks out his or her adventure. The rest have their "greatness thrust upon them" as it were.

I won't tell you much more except to say that you must read my 100 Cupboards review if you're unfamiliar with this series. Then, you must know that this book continues that creation-fall-redemption framework with aplomb. Here we see the effects of the fall. Here we see evil, and the death it creates as it spreads its tentacles. And here we see redemption--at least the beginnings. We see heroes rise up. We see people stand in the gap. And we see brothers come together, families reunited, and hope spring anew. All because of a little dandelion.

Doesn't that whet your appetite? Wilson's writing is even better in this book than in the first.

Things to Note/Discuss
  • there are few mild expletives at one point in this book; I made a mental note only because I was reviewing this book for this site. They are certainly not worth not reading the book--but there are folks who would like to know.
  • there is more violence in this book; you might say it's "darker" than the first. That's to be expected since we are seeing the reach of Nimiane grow and she is truly evil. It's certainly in keeping with the plot.
  • heroic tradition: what makes an epic hero? (think of the unlikely hero and the quest and all those famous stories you know!)
  • the "Green Man" is a legend/tradition in its own right. Feel free to do a little outside research!
  • Also, there is a big difference in literary tradition between fairies, faeren, and the fae. You might be surprised to know that all are not like Tinkerbell. In fact, Tinkerbell is a rather modern creation....

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  1. I totally missed the mild expletives. Completely.


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