Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Mommy Manual

The Mommy Manual
Barbara Curtis

This book doesn't get a lot of attention in my particular Christian community, and it should. We spend a lot of time discussing books that help us know how to discipline our children; this book spends more time on the training of some of those heart attitudes.

Barbara Curtis is mom of 12: some biological, some adopted, some special needs.... And she's done it all: public school, private school, home school. She's a former Montessori teacher, and you will see that training come through in this book. She's also a believer and encourages moms SO much in that arena (even discussing how much praying she does in her laundry room--a room where she spends MUCH time).

What I like about this book:

  • strategies for inculcating heart attitudes of service, gratitude, and others
  • watching for opportunities even with your toddlers for encouraging these heart attitudes
  • an emphasis on the potential of your children (a realistic look, but positive nonetheless)
  • an honesty about her own background and walk with the Lord
  • a realism that doesn't come through in other parenting books
  • it's written by a mom--no matter how much I enjoy parenting books by men, they still lack that "mom" voice and reality.
  • encouragement!
The bottom line: Curtis will encourage you to seek out ways to encourage the potential in your child's heart, no matter how old that child is. You will come away from this book eager to seek opportunities to build heavenly treasure in and with and for your kids.

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