Monday, November 26, 2012

Favorite 2012 Picture Books

We're in our final week of Picture Book Month Celebration around here. It seems like a good time to throw out an old-fashioned book list: some of my favorite 2012 picture books (most, if not all, were published in 2012). Listed in no particular order; linked where applicable to Literaritea reviews/mentions. (You can also check out some favorite Retro Reads and other 21st Century Favorites on Pinterest.)

Frost, Helen. Step Gently Out. (Poetry plus photography)
Fogliano, Julie. And Then It's Spring. (ill by Erin Stead)
Stead, Philip C. A Home for Bird.
Stead, Philip C. Bear Has a Story to Tell. (ill by Erin Stead)
Buzzeo, Tony. One Cool Friend. (ill by David Small)
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse. Chopsticks.
Willems, Mo. Listen to My Trumpet! (an easy reader)
Barnett, Mac. Extra Yarn.
Willems, Mo. The Duckling Gets a Cookie.
Stewart, Sarah. The Quiet Place. (ill by David Small)
Murray, Alison. One, Two, That's My Shoe.
Long, Ethan. Up, Tall, and High (sort of an easy reader)
Bingham, Kelly. Z is for Moose. (ill by Paul O Zelinsky)
Robinson, Fiona. What Animals Really Like.
Jeffers, Oliver. Stuck.
Coombs, Kate. Water Sings Blue.
Polacco, Patricia. Bun Bun Button.
Salas, Laura Purdie. A Leaf Can Be.

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